Choose Best Bathroom Fan? Bathroom Fan Buying Guide

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bathrooms fan provides luxurious comfort and saves your home from unwanted mold and moisture. Now a question can arise in your mind why fans are needed. Actually, the showers you enjoy can create humidity and moisture in concentrated space. This can create mold and mildew and damage your building materials. That’s why this little workhorse is needed to remove excessive humidity, bad odors, and mold spores. bathroom fan is designed with better airflow system including ventilation. Before purchasing, you need to know about how to choose best bathroom fans. In this article, I am going to share bathroom fan buying guide for your satisfaction in purchasing. Let’s have a comfortable discussion on that.

How to Choose a Best Bathroom Fan

Size Of Your Bathroom Fan:

Bathroom fan sizing is an important part when you have taken the decision to purchase it. The right size fan will ensure the right amount of ventilation. Bathroom exhaust fans are properly designed and sized as peer their ability to move air in cubic feet per minute. Best bathroom fan generates higher CFMs and shows the highest performance in terms of ventilation. The fans must have 1 CFM for every square foot on floor space. If you have a 60 square feet area of the bathroom floor, you must have a fan with 60 CFMs to derive the fair amount of ventilation.

Proper Installation of Fan:

You probably have the idea of the installation of bathroom fans because most fans are being installed in a ceiling of your space. But there are some categories of washroom fans that you can install on walls. You must set up your fan to let off air outside of your home. One thing you should remember and that is not to vent air only into an attic. This can transfer hot and wet air to another part of your home. So, problems will remain as same. That’s why you must consider a fact while you are choosing bathroom fans and that is the place where you want the unit to be set up. You should choose between the ceiling and wall. Then you can select a model of appropriate size. Here are some additional tips in terms of installation. Lt’s have a look at that.

  • If you want to install the fan over a shower or tub, you must think about safety. Make sure that it is well fitted.
  • Hiring good technician will be a better step for you when you are about to set up fans for your washroom.

Noise Level of Fans:

Bathroom fans noise is measured by sones. This is a scale that represents the intensity of loudness. The fans rated in between .5 to 1.2 sones indicate the peaceful quality of the fan. Rating of 1.5 to 2.0 sones means very good fans. Fans that are rated between 3 and 4 sones produce excess noise.

Extreme noise can disturb the peaceful atmosphere of your home. SO, choose a fan that is within a limited noise level/ In that case, you should choose a category of a fan with a sone rating of 2 and under.

The feature of Bathroom Fan:

Nowadays bathroom ventilation fans have multiple amounts of features. It helps you operate them easily with maximum comfort. Now the question is how it makes the usage more comfortable. I am telling you about that. Many models feature overhead lighting that can be switch-activated easily. Some models do have night light equipped models designed with low-wattage light. That can help you walk even in the darkness of nighttime hours. Moreover, there are some models of fans built in heaters add additional warmth for making you feel ease even in a cold climate.

Humidity and motion sensors are an equally important feature in bathroom ventilation fans. They promote the overall efficiency of fans. Humidity sensing ventilation fans automatically turn on when humidity rises above a particular amount of level. It tends to turn off when humidity is decreased. A motion sensor activates when someone enters the bathroom. It switches on the fan or light when needed. Fans included with multiple smart options give you the easiest way to operate and convenient control of these functions.

Efficiency and Energy of Fans:

Efficiency and energy of fans are an important factor and they get top priority level. When you are ready to buy any home appliance or system, you should look for these factors obviously. You should know that Energy Star bathroom fans use 70% less energy than other conventional types of fans. A bathroom fan including with less sound emission, low wattage consumption and skillful performance are much needed to purchase. Because it meets the requirement you need.

Other Cautions in Choosing Bathroom Fans:

Apart from all of those points, there are other specifications you should learn before selecting a fan to purchase for the bathroom. A bathroom fan should exhaust to the outside. Make sure about this point. Ceiling-mount bathroom fans connect to an exhaust channel that runs through the attic. Wall-mount bathroom fans vent straight away to the outside. You must review the size of the exhaust port. This caution will make sure it comfortably fits your duct work. Heaters and lights of fans can produce excessive temperatures. When you are setting it up in an insulated ceiling, the fan should be in contact with insulation. When you tend to replace your fan, have knowledge about the dimensions of the cutout for your current fan. This little step will help you buy another one that fits appropriately with the fan you used before.

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A bathroom fan can prevent humidity and moisture buildup. It protects the paint of your wall from being damaged. Standard bathroom ventilation fans will not let your home fill with cold surfaces and mold attack on ceiling materials. It’s not that easy to choose a suitable fan for your washroom among all of the models available in the market. I hope, you can rightfully select the best one for your bathroom now.

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